Pain Relief

Why Pain Relief Is Not Enough

If you have an injury that causes pain, you may visit your doctor, receive pain pills, and then take them to get through the day. This may provide you with pain relief, but only for as long as those pain medications last. For most people, this is short-lived. Our team at Dumas Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Toledo, OH, focuses on providing you with other solutions. Specifically, we are looking for ways to reduce and eliminate your pain for good.


Pain relief in this form comes from addressing the underlying cause of the pain you have. For example, in some cases, there is a communication breakdown between the brain and joints or limbs. You may have back pain, chronic migraines, shoulder pain, or joint pain. In some of these situations, we can reduce the pain you have by simply aligning your spinal column. Other treatment options can help, such as massage therapy and acupuncture. Come in to learn more about how our treatment can help you.