Meridian Massage Therapy

What Can Meridian Massage Therapy Do for You?

Meridians are areas in the body where blood flows that are considered important spots for your health and wellbeing. If an area like this gets “blocked” or energy cannot pass through properly, it can lead to chronic pain, illness, mobility problems, and other complications. However, meridian massage therapy can fix this. At Dumas Chiropractic & Acupuncture, we work to teach you how you can see a significant level of improvement in the pain you feel through this method.


With meridian massage therapy, the goal is very simply to help reduce that blockage to encourage the natural flow of energy through your body again. Massage itself is very effective. When we apply pressure to these areas, it encourages the body to send more blood flow to them. As a result of this, your body’s natural healing goes to work, reducing inflammation, improving energy flow, and allowing proper movement to take place.