Extremity Manipulation

How Does Extremity Manipulation Work?

Many people have joint pain. This is pain that occurs in the ball joint or area where a limb connects with the main torso. In some situations, we need to fix the alignment of that joint to encourage the proper movement and to reduce the presence of pain and discomfort. At Dumas Chiropractic & Acupuncture in Toledo, OH, we may recommend extremity manipulation to do this.


Extremity manipulation is simply a technique in which we work to properly align the joint itself. This can be done at the shoulders, where the arm bones lock in with the torso as well as at the hips, where your legs meet your torso. These types of manipulations are not necessarily painful. They feel forceful, but they are very effective in many people. They can help to reduce pain and inflammation while also encouraging a normal range of motion for most patients.

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