Combination Treatments

What Are Combination Treatments?

It is very important to recognize that most people need more than one type of treatment to see improvement in their mobility, illness, pain, or other concerns. At Dumas Chiropractic & Acupuncture, a key component of treating you is to find the right treatment plan to address each one of the symptoms you have. Combination treatments are one of the best ways for our team to help you to get relief by addressing most of the concerns you have.


The goal of combination treatments is to reduce your pain and improve your wellbeing by combining more than one method of treatment. For example, we may use more than one type of manipulation to properly reduce subluxation in your spine. We may use acupuncture and massage therapy together to address tissue inflammation and illness in your body. By combining these treatments, we can generally provide you with better long-term and short-term results.